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The Glenview Mentoring Program is the brainchild of the Young Professionals Group, a segment of Glenview’s Chamber of Commerce. It’s a micro-mentoring program that invites young people to spend time learning about a specific profession, field of work, or line of business. Offering options for animal lovers,  numbers people, the mechanically inclined,  and more, the program is an investment in the community’s growth and well-being.
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Why we do it

Positive Exposure = Opportunity

The Village of Glenview is a community that takes pride in supporting and investing in the stability and well-being of its inhabitants. There is no better way of doing this than helping to co-create a positive future for our youth.


How does it work?

Parents, counselors, and teachers who feel they might have a student in need of motivation and perspective, can search through a database of participating local business who will offer an hour or two of their time to help micro-mentor a young person from the community.

Recently Joined Member

Michael Zywicki

Executive Director Emerald Place- An Anthem Memory Care Community
Work 1879 Chestnut Avenue Glenview IL 60025 Website: Contact Mentor
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Biographical Info

Michael grew up in a small town of Gladwin, Michigan.  I have been an Executive Director for over 11 years.  Passion is not something that just everyone possesses in their jobs. I am honored and blessed to have the life experiences that very few can say they have had in particular to working with seniors. Working with seniors is just a part of my existence. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

My story truly begins at birth. I literally lived in the basement of the nursing home for the first 5 years of my life. I was raised by two extremely hard working European/Polish parents. My parents endured a lot to give our family the opportunity to thrive in the US. My parents weren’t born in the US they came to the US through sponsorship. The gentleman who sponsored my parents owned and operated a nursing home. While my parents worked I was the nursing home baby, being cared for and raised by the community. Not only did I get amazing experiences while living in the nursing home, but I also watched my mother grow through hard work and eventually became the director of nursing of that living center. I learned many things through her experiences as the director. I knew at a very young age that I would be following in her footsteps, except I always joked that I would be working as her boss.

If you visit Emerald Place, you will learn about hospitality, caring for individuals, and even so many things about being a business leader.  If you are looking for experience with managing others, managing budgets, or even how to develop sales techniques.  This role is unique, because it offers experience that is so valuable to so many different career paths.  No matter what field you are looking for, there may be something that Emerald Place can offer you.

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