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Bob Dupre grew up in Glenview . His/her interest in cars  started in 1963 when I got a job pumping gas in a local station. The best part of Owning an auto repair facilityis educating vehicle owners on how to lower their cost of vehicle ownership and helping  employees become the best that they can be in their career.

Visitors to Bob’s place of business will see  some of the best trained Service Advisers in the industry taking care of customers. Everything from Oil changed to Engine replacement, Pico Lab Scopes, various scanners and PC’s in use doing high-level computer control diagnostics on all makes and  models, Hybrid batteries in various stages in the rebuilding process. The Automotive service and repair industry is in the beginning stages of a substantial platform change, from Internal combustion engines to electric vehicles. CARS of America is on the cutting edge of that change. We are the only shop on the North Shore, Including dealers, with the capability to balance  or rebuild High Voltage Battery packs for Hybrid and Electric vehicles.

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